Our mission:

One of our missions is to promote more sustainable agriculture. And for us, this happens especially through helping develop the organic French legume industry.

We believe in a global approach to our industry and support upstream agricultural activities in order to assist producers. In our sourcing activities, we contract multi-year partnerships with farming co-ops that hope to transition to organic farming and build the French legume industry. This way, they are bolstered by a promising future, and in return, we are ensured an adequate supply of raw materials to make our products. By encouraging farmers to grow legumes, we can help develop plant protein that is 100% French.

The legume industry in France:

Based on CAP data from France AgriMer, the cultivation of green lentils and chickpeas made a giant leap in 2017. In fact, the land used to grow green lentils grew 67% (34,000 ha) and that of chickpeas grew twice as much (20,000 ha).

According to Terres Univia, legumes are mostly grown in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Centre and Champagne-Ardennes. Green lentils have two highly reputable designations: Puy green lentils certified by an Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée guaranteeing their origins and quality, and Berry lentils certified with a Label Rouge guaranteeing their quality. As for chickpeas, they are particularly well-suited to the climate and dry soils of the South of France. In France, we also find other legumes like fava beans and split peas. There’s something for everyone, you decide which legumes are the ones for you!

Our partners in organic agriculture that is 100% “made in France”: 

To know exactly where our legumes come from, here is a map of France showing the different regions where the organic chickpeas, green lentils, flageolets, and kidney beans that make up our recipes are planted and harvested. We’ve built partnerships with each of these co-ops in order to guarantee 100% French legumes in our products.

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