Making sustainable nutrition accessible in food service

At HARi&CO, we think that changing the world starts on our plates … even the littlest ones. That’s why we are committed to making our products accessible, reaching all the way to the school canteen. We’re responding to high expectations for more responsible nutrition in our communities: transparent product origins, commitment and responsibility from suppliers vis-à-vis growers, and offering organic products made from vegetable protein.


The new 2018-2022 recommendations from the National Nutritional Health Program, which encourage us to eat legumes at least 2 times per week!


The Egalim law announced November 1, 2018, which targets at least 20% organic products in public food service by January 1, 2022 as well as experimenting with one vegetarian meal each week in school canteens (article 24).

Products that are good for you and for the planet: from the canteen to food delivery

We have been suppliers to the commercial and institutional food service industries since 2016.

HARi&CO products are prepared and offered in:


SCHOOL CANTEENS: In 2018, children were served nearly 1.6 million meals with our organic no-meat balls and organic burgers!


UNIVERSITY CANTEENS: We also like to put on a good show, like our event at Resto U in Grenoble.


FOOD SERVICE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC: Discover brands that have already adopted vegetarian alternatives for their menus!


STAFF CANTEENS: Because we eat in the staff canteen 5 days a week, it’s important to be able to have a variety of protein sources.


MEAL DELIVERY: Our partner Foodchéri, who perfects legumes in yummy dishes every week, talks about us in 2 different articles:

We know that vegetable-based cuisine can pose a real challenge for an establishment or central kitchen. That’s why we assist our clients with recipes or advice on preparation. Just ask!

Where to find us?

We rely on a network of regional and national distributers to enable delivery across France. Are you a food service professional? Don’t hesitate to contact us for details about where to find our products!