Are all the ingredients used in HARi&CO’s products organic?

All the ingredients used in our recipes are organic, with the exception of salt and water, which can never be considered organic to begin with!

Are HARi&CO’s products gluten-free?

Our products are not gluten-free. We use cornmeal, semolina, as well as wheat flakes and wheat flour to grant our products a nice texture. Combined with beans, the grains added to our recipes also provide you with all the essential amino acids (which make up proteins) your body needs. This combination leads to a greater degree of protein absorption than would be possible if they were consumed separately. (Source: INRA, Plant protein is making a comeback).

Do HARi&CO’s products contain soy?

The majority of plant-based meat alternatives on the market today are made from soy, which is a fairly bland and uninspiring legume for the European consumer. We want to offer a product featuring beans from our own French culinary heritage, such as the green lentil, the flageolet bean, and the chickpea.

Does HARi&CO make fake meat?

Above all, we want to make sure you know what you’re eating, so all of our products are made from ingredients you can see, like beans and vegetables. So no, our products aren’t designed to replicate the look, texture or taste of meat. Fake meat products are made with additives like “meat flavor” and are full of texturizing agents like guar gum and xanthan gum. Do you want to eat all that? We certainly don’t!

How should I store your products?

HARi&CO burgers and balls are frozen foods that need to be kept in the freezer below -18°C. Make sure that they don’t defrost on the way home. If they do, consume right away and do not refreeze.

Why are your products frozen?

Our products don’t contain any additives or preservatives. We freeze them so that they will keep well without requiring heat treatment that would alter their appearance and flavor.

What are you products made of?

Every one of our recipes features a bean (lentil, chickpea, flageolet bean, etc.) combined with grains (semolina, corn, wheat). We add some vegetables (carrots, leeks, onions, etc.) and spices (cumin, Herbes de Provence, etc.). In short, nothing but good stuff! Find out more here!