Nutrition & cooking

Could you tell me more about the Nutriscore labeling on HARi&CO’s products?

Nutriscore is a logo that provides a information about the nutritional quality of a product in simplified form. It is based on a grading scale ranging from letters A (highest score) to E (lowest score) according to the nutritional profile of the product. The score is calculated per 100 grams of the nutrient content of healthy food (fibres, proteins, fruit, and vegetables) and the nutrient content of unhealthy food (calories, saturated fats, sugar, salt). The total score attributed to a product is then associated with a letter. All HARi&CO’s products have obtained the letter A.

How should I cook your products?

Our products are easy to prepare! You can toss them in a pan (8 min) pop them in the oven (10 min) or even plunge them in a deep fryer (2-3 min). All you have to do is turn them over midway through cooking and you’ll be good to go! Our burger and no-meat ball products make up the basis of a meal by replacing meat, fish, eggs, etc. You can opt for several side dishes and play around with the recipes. For instance, our burgers are taste great stuffed between two hamburger buns and our no-meat balls are the utlimate garnish to your salads. Visit our blog for more recipe ideas!

What side dish should I serve with the HARi&CO’s products?

HARi&CO’s products are the base of a meal, meaning that they replace meat, fish, or eggs in any given meal. Therefore, they can be served with the same side dishes. You could whip up a vegetable hash or ratatouille on the side, or even add some carbs in the form of rice or pasta. For more recipe ideas, be sure to check out our Instagram account for all of our recipe  tips!

How much protein do your products contain?

In our products, the protein content ranges from 7.6 g (chickpea recipe) to 9.5 grams (green lentil recipe), per 100 g. Figures set out in more detail below:

> Green lentils: 9.5 g per 100 g.

> Chickpeas: 7.6 g per 100 g.

> Flageolet beans: 8.4 g per 100 g.

> Red beans: 8.4 g per 100 g.

How many calories do your products contain?

The calorie content of our products sits at an average of 165 kcal per 122 g. Figures set out in more detail below:

> Green lentils: 164.9 kcal per 100 g.

> Chickpeas: 165.6 kcal per 100 g.

> Flageolet beans: 166.9 kcal per 100 g.

> Red beans: 158.5 kcal per 100 g.