Are all the ingredients used in HARi&CO’s products organic?

All the ingredients used in our recipes are organic, with the exception of salt and water, which can never be considered organic to begin with!

Are HARi&CO’s products gluten-free?

Our products are not gluten-free. We use cornmeal, wheat semolina, as well as wheat flakes and wheat flour to grant our products a nice texture. Combined with beans, the grains added to our recipes also provide you with all the essential amino acids (which make up proteins) your body needs. This combination leads to a greater degree of protein absorption than would be possible if they were consumed separately. (Source: INRA, A return to favour of plant proteins).

Do HARi&CO’s products contain soy and why?

The majority of plant-based meat alternatives on the market today are soy-based, which is a rather bland and uninspiring legume for the European consumer. We want to offer a product featuring beans from our own French culinary heritage, such as the green lentil, the flageolet bean, and the chickpea.

Does HARi&CO produce mock-meat products?

Above all, we are set on offering you the possibility to know what you eat. This implies seeing the ingredients in the products that you consume and being able to visibly distinguish the beans and vegetables used. With that being said, HARi&CO does not produce mock-meat products that imitate the texture, the appearance, or the taste of meat. These meat imitation products require the addition of textured protein substances or additives such as meat flavourings or texturising agents such as guar and xanthane gum. Does that sound appetizing to you?! It sure doesn’t tempt us!

How do I preserve the products once I have purchased them?

HARi&CO burgers and no-meat balls are frozen goods and they must be stored in your freezer at temperatures below -18°C. Make sure they do not defrost during transportation, and if this does happen, they must be consumed at once, not refrozen.

Why are your products frozen?

Our products are additive and conservative-free. We freeze them to ensure their conservation without having to resort to high-temperature heat treatments that would alter their appearance and flavour.

What is your product composition?

Every one of our recipes features a bean (lentil, chickpea, flageolet bean, etc.) combined with grains (semolina, corn, wheat). We add some vegetables (carrots, leeks, onions, etc.) and spices (cumin, Provencal herbs, etc.). In short, nothing but good stuff! Find out more here!